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Design Team:

Jennifer O'Shea

Laura Cooney

Mary Catherine Guyton

Suzanne Lefebvre

Pallaui Katdare

Danielle Rupert



Gable Roof As Walls

We evoke the concept of both a boundary and a shelter by inverting the form of the gable roof to create two walls.  The gabled shape is placed in this unlikely position to present a new concept of a space, a new shelter. It is a space between boundary walls.

The exterior of our folly is etched with writings which will change in appearance as the steel corrodes. These changes reflect the passage of time and add another layer for interpretation by the viewer.

Within the walls is a sanctuary; a space for children. A safe place for rest on a quilted floor; for dreaming and compassion. The interior writings will be filled with messages of hope and possibility. Drawings that depict the love and security a true home brings.

Visitors are invited to enter and occupy the space. Once within, they can sit, read and further interact with the installation. We hope to provoke deeper thought about the current state of affairs in our country regarding boundary walls and the availability of shelter for all.

Design documents for Installation

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