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Design Team:

Bridget Carney

Allen Rossignol

Edward Butcher

Isaac Bracher

Joe Twomey

Narin Nuth




Drawing inspiration from the gabled house – arguably the most relatable architectural form – the design team’s goal was to develop an architectural folly with a meaningful use while promoting interactivity.  To that end, the concept of a public lending library named, L3: The Little Lending Library was conceived.  A contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional gabled form speaks to the project as a product of its own time, looking forward rather than to the past.  This approach heavily influenced material selection toward a focus on transparency, expressive structure, and iconic appearance.

Transparent, corrugated polycarbonate panels are used for the expressive structure.  The material inherently exposes its ribbed core as well as the books housed within.  At night, integral lighting transforms the experience into a glowing beacon that reveals the structural tectonics and highlights its contents.  The books themselves become sheltered inhabitants of the object and invite the public to interact with the design by opening the roof panel and engaging in the lending library.  The design achieves the fundamental element of the gabled house – protection, views, and approachability. 

Design documents for Installation

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