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Design Team:

Stacey Waxtan

Rich Potts

Gary Lyons

Dave Cenzi

Clayton Flowers

Chris Stern

Justin Hamilton



Rochester, New York, with its ideal location along the intersection of the Genessee River and Erie Canal, has long been a hub for innovation, industry, and an affordable cost of living.  The gabled house represents a homestead on the frontier of industry; an invitation to grow roots, invest, and build community.  The Gabled House, Deconstructed illustrates a material representation of architecture and design throughout Rochester's history.  Building materials prevalent in the last 100 years are installed as layers in a foundation cross section.  The layers re-tell this story of the past 100 years:  from the incorporation of tumbled stone into building foundations, to industrial age brick used in sprawling factories, to poured concrete utilized in modernist skyscrapers, to glass skins of recently revitalized corporate headquarters.  All these historic materials give life to the gabled house; a recognizable beacon of stability in a forever morphing city skyline.  In 100 years, Rochester has witnessed explosive growth as well as the retreat of industrial giants.  The steady presence of education and healthcare industries offers continued development, community enrichment, and livability within the city and surrounding metropolitan areas.  A professional populace remains in established communities and feeds the city's progress.  The communities themselves are a cross section of American architectural standards, and provide multiple variations of the traditional gabled home.  The Gabled House, Deconstructed invites visitors to interact with the structure by walking around all sides.  As visitors step around the installation, their viewing perspectives change, not unlike perspectives of architectural standards and building materials over the last 100 years.

Design documents for Installation

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