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Design Team:

Kyle Barber

John Wightman


Chromatic notes include those that do not fit on a typical diatonic scale. It is all encompassing, both good and bad. Without filter, chromatic notes can be confusing, and uncomfortable.


CHROMATIC symbolizes the relationship between the chaotic sounds of the world we live in, and the shelter of a gabled dwelling. The form is purposefully simple, to conceal its true meaning from the initial user. An easily recognizable, inviting material, plywood is used to clad the form. The metal pipe ends peeking out from within begin a journey of imagination. A form on the front of the folly invites the user inward to a void. The only way to experience the folly is to place one's head into the shelter of the void, in which one's senses are isolated and the sounds of the chaotic, outside world are filtered through small pipes. Chromatic allows the user to focus on the sound coming through the pipes, and understand the sounds of the world around them, including any sound manipulation or addition by others around them. The piped filter is allowed to be manipulated by other participants on the outside of the folly.  On the rear side of the folly, unbeknownst to the user, is a transparent end and reveals the visual of all the metal pipes filtering sound to the users head, with the user's head being sheltered within the small gabled dwelling.

Design documents for Installation

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