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2021 AIA Roc Board of Directors Openings

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

AIA Rochester announces openings for our 2021 Board of Directors. Each position is a two year commitment (Vice President becomes the 2022 President).

We would like to take this opportunity to address the current and historical makeup of our BOD. Over time, the BOD has become more diversified regarding equality of the sexes. However, it is obviously and regrettably visible that the BOD does not have racial or ethnic diversity. The architectural profession in our country suffers from a lack of diversity in general, but that does not mean that our leadership needs to envelop this. We encourage our Rochester architects and designers of color to join us at the board level as well as at all levels of participation in our organization.

Additionally, AIA Rochester reminds you that we welcome members of all experience levels to join us at the board level beginning with recent graduates.

We believe that AIA Rochester needs to reflect the makeup of our membership and of the society that we design for. While this is not our current scenario, it is something that we strive to achieve.

The following positions are open for 2021: Vice President, Treasurer, Education Director, and Development and Outreach Director.

Vice President

The Vice President possesses all the powers and performs all the duties of the President in the event of the absence of the President or of the President’s disability, refusal, or failure to act and shall perform other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.

Committees overseen: CES Programs, Nominating

Responsibilities include:

  • Scheduling annual CES events with the assistance of the Executive Director

  • Attends and introduces all CES programs

  • Assembles and chairs the Nominating Committee to solicit names for open board positions for the following year

  • Attends Grassroots Conference (if budget allows)

  • Attends AIA National and AIANYS Convention (if budget allows)

  • Leads the Board in fundraising including securing sponsors for the annual and general chapter meetings


The Treasurer has charge of and exercises general supervision of the financial affairs of the Chapter.

Responsibilities include:

  • Keeping records and books of account of the Chapter

  • Preparing the Budget

  • Collecting amounts due the Chapter

  • Give receipts for and have the custody of funds and monies and makes disbursements of funds

  • Have custody of its securities and its instruments and papers involving finances and financial commitments

  • Make a written report to the annual meeting of this Chapter and a written report to each regular meeting of the Board of Directors. Each of said reports shall set forth the financial condition of the Chapter, and its income and expenditures for the period of the report and the Treasurer’s recommendations on matters relating to the finances and general welfare of the Chapter.

  • The Treasurer shall not authorize any person to sign any order, statement, agreement, check or other financial instrument of the Chapter that requires the signature of the Treasurer, unless such delegation is expressly permitted in the bylaws. The Treasurer may delegate to an assistant treasurer employed by the Chapter, the actual performance of any or all duties as Treasurer, but shall not delegate responsibility for the property of this Chapter, or the signing of any document requiring the signature of the Treasurer.

Education Director

The Education Director is responsible for educating the general public and interested students about the field of architecture. He/she also assists in the continuing education of AIA Rochester members.

Committees overseen: Explorers, Scholarship, Career Fair

Recent activities have included:

  • Administering the Seneca Waterways Council Boy Scouts Explorer Program

  • Procuring scholarship funds and chairing the Scholarship Committee

  • Presenting scholarships

  • Helping secure shadowing positions in local firms

  • Organizing teams for architecture related events – e.g. CANstruction

Development and Outreach Director

Committees overseen: CANstruction

Recent activities have included:

  • Curating a list of Firm Liaisons and distributing updates through these individual AIA Rochester champions within firms to help reach our members and to increase participation

  • Teaming with outside groups to cultivate new relationships

  • Seeking opportunity for collaboration and cross-pollination

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