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City of Rochester Still Accepting Permit Applications

by Kurt D. Martin

City of Rochester

The City of Rochester Facilities - including the permit office - is closed to the general public, but we are still open for business. There are two ways that the City is accepting permit applications: either online or via a physical drop-box set up at the link lobby at City Hall.

Make Payments, Submit Applications & Access City Services Online and Via Physical Drop-Boxes

All online services on the City website will remain available and all City departments will still answer questions via phone and email. Online transaction fees will be waived until further notice. A secure drop-box will be made available at City Hall for residents to drop off permit applications, payments or assessment grievances. Additional drop-boxes will be located outside of each NSC office to accept business and handicap parking permits. Payments can also continue to be made by mail.

All Building Permits or Zoning requests should be emailed to

  • Zoning staff will receive these requests from the mailbox and coordinate with Plan Review staff

  • If a permit can be issued, the customer will be given online payment link by either Plan Review or Zoning staff. The email sent to the customer with online payment instructions should cc the

Kurt D. Martin

Director of Buildings and Zoning

Neighborhood and Business Development

City Hall | 30 Church Street | Room-121B | Rochester, NY 14614

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